The Ultimate "Pete & Pete" Insult Guide

Especially for all those Little Pete fans looking for inspiration.

1. When you’re looking for something age appropriate.

ID: 980045

2. When you want to leave the other team reeling.

ID: 980151

3. When you’re trying to stop jerks in their tracks.

ID: 980163

4. When you need something perfect for librarians, book lovers, or people who still send letters.

ID: 980164

5. When you want to wake someone up with a zinger.

ID: 980216

6. When some faux posh person rubs you the wrong way.

ID: 980221

7. When a telemarketer calls.

Or friends you’re sick of hearing from, really.

ID: 980220

8. When you’re trying to gross someone out, just a little.

ID: 980285

9. When you ask your boss for a day off.

ID: 980511

10. When you want to tell someone exactly how they make you feel.

ID: 986759

11. And when someone accidentally bumps into you at the gym.

ID: 986800

Take that, scab brains!

ID: 1011375

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