The Most Ridiculous Moments From The "Gettin Jiggy With It" Video

If we’ve learned anything from Will Smith’s career, it’s that there’s nothing this Renaissance man can’t do. Including wearing a crushed velvet suit.

Some background:

“Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” might be one of Will Smith’s greatest accomplishments. It was a single released in 1998 off of his Big Willie Style album and it won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance.

A grammy. It won a grammy. That is all.

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1. Remember when Will wore this puffy robin’s egg blue tracksuit?

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2. Then he showed us how to get jiggy with it?

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3. Then Will sang some lyrics in pig latin?

Translation: Will the man on the dance floor.

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4. While wearing this crushed velvet suit?

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5. And he was joined by two aliens from the future and he could barely handle it?

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6. Then the chorus played and it was basically just this.

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7. Remember how, after that, Will got jiggy while dressed as a Pharaoh and carrying a mini version of himself*?

*We photoshopped that in, but it would’ve been awesome.

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8. And these friends of Will’s showed up shirtless to watch the action?

ID: 915995

Especially this guy, who was super focused on Will.

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9. Remember how he got totally sick of ancient Egypt and flew to Hawaii, where he wore this fab floral number?

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10. And he had more shirtless man friends there, including this polynesian man in a large brown paper skirt.

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11. And one of the backup dancers got super close to the screen.

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12. Remember how Will then went to New York City in an all-white suit?! So cool.

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13. And this special man was so impressed that he decided to get Jiggy too.

ID: 915964

14. As was this hot Indian lady.

ID: 915963

15. Remember when you learned that rapper Nas wrote* this song and took his name off the credits?

*We didn’t make this up, but it is a well known rumor.

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And because everyone should have the pleasure of enjoying this video in full…

You’re welcome.

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