The 17 Most Shocking Moments From The "Game Of Thrones" Premiere

Warning: Delicious spoilers ahead.

1. When Sam was almost killed by a hatchet-wielding zombie, then shamed for neglecting to send ravens.

His one job!!!

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2. When Jon Snow saw giants for the first time, and it was delicious.

Incidentally, I had the same reaction.

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3. When Cersei visited Tyrion’s prison cell and said the following:

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4. And Tyrion had this badass response.

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5. When I realized Stannis Baratheon’s man slave was still alive, and I also didn’t care.

Just being honest. Sorry, Davos Seaworth!

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6. When Robb Stark traveled to Harrenhal and found 200 dead men waiting for him.

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7. Suckkkssssss.

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On the bright side, Robb, you’ve still got that hot nurse wifey as a consolation!

Hot nurse! Yes! Hot nurse! Perk up!

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8. When Lord Baelish spoke to Sansa and revealed that Arya’s still alive.


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9. When we saw Daenerys’ dragons for the first time.

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10. And one of them cooked a fish with its mouth.

ID: 1030918

11. Good dragon! That’s a good dragon!

ID: 1030919

12. When Joffrey was carried around town in a Lady Gaga-esque egg.

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13. When Margaery tried to be a civil human being.

ID: 1031064

14. And Cersei was just like, “Nah, bitch.”

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15. When Daenerys managed to stay totally calm as that random soldier’s nipple was sliced off. Ouch.

ID: 1031062

16. And when a demon child gave Daenerys a poisonous scorpion to play with.

ID: 1030949

But the real question is this: Where can I get a pet dragon?

Oh, and I also can’t wait until next week’s episode. Anyone else excited for this season of Game of Thrones?

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