The 14 Most Existential Questions Ever Asked On "Pete & Pete"

The Nickelodeon show that tried to answer the meaning of your childhood.

1. “What is the meaning of homework?”

ID: 980062

2. “What’s my destiny with Ellen?”

ID: 980094

3. “What are the stars, really?”

ID: 980112

4. “Will you answer destiny’s call?”

ID: 980104

6. “What’s the point of a spice rack?”

ID: 980579

7. “Is a driver’s license worth the cost of a trout head?”

ID: 980230

8. “Is money worth going to the bathroom through your nose?”

ID: 980235

9. “What is so great about Halloween, anyway?”

ID: 980255

10. “What is the point of math?”

ID: 980275

11. “Who is Mr. Tastee?”

ID: 980292

12. “Why does music make you feel emotional?”

ID: 980296

13. “Why do you want to hurt yourself?”

ID: 980576

14. “Why is nine o’clock my bedtime?”

ID: 980540

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