31 Reasons Why Stiles Is The Hottest Part Of "Teen Wolf"

He makes me howl. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

Everyone, this is Stiles from Teen Wolf. Stiles, this is everyone!

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1. He may SEEM like your typical geek, but he’s a total hottie.

Sound the alarm, y’all!

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2. Because he’s got really smooth pickup lines.

You’re right, I should get in.

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3. And his eyes are just like … OMG.

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4. Yeah, OK, go ahead and look into my soul while I die from happiness over here.

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5. When he gets excited, it’s adorable as hell.

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6. But even when he’s sad, his face will make your heart melt.

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7. That’s right, Stiles, you’re beautiful when you cry too.

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8. Sometimes he just casually sips on straws, like a boss.

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9. Other times he nearly gets killed and plays it off like a total badass.

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10. Just when you think Stiles can’t last much longer surrounded by all of these ferocious supernatural creatures…

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11. He does something really brave…

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12. And surprises all of the wolves.

Growl on, boo. GROWL. ON.

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13. A lot of people on the show tend to forget about Stiles.

Looking at you, Lydia.

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14. Or write him off as a total weirdo.

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15. But he’s actually REALLY scholarly.

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16. And super perceptive.

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17. He’s a gentleman.

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18. And wants to know everything his friends are up to.

Especially when he’s on Adderall.

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19. Plus there’s that whole sexual tension thing he’s got going on with Derek.

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20. Sometimes he looks at Derek like this, and it makes me sweat profusely.

Shipping Sterek so hard right now, you guyz.

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21. Other times Derek looks at Stiles like this, and my brain explodes in hearts.

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22. Then they get in the water together, and it’s like, OMG JUST TAKE YOUR SHIRTS OFF, PLEASE.


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23. Or things like this happen, and it’s like, JUST DO IT ALREADY.

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24. He’s a guy who isn’t afraid to ask for a compliment.

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25. Or yell for one.

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26. But at the same time, he’s really great at giving compliments.

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27. Especially when they’re directed at Lydia.

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28. Even though he doesn’t have any powers, he’s totally into role-playing.

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29. And someday we might see him with his shirt off.

When that day comes, I will actually die from happiness. Don’t bother trying to wake me up. Just let me be.

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31. So, have I convinced you to the side of Team Stiles or…?

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Anyone else planning to watch the Season 3 premiere tonight on MTV?!

Stiles… call me, boo.

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