Absolutely Perfect Tom Selleck Birthday Cakes

Spoiler alert: Luscious chest hair ahead.

1. 1. Bare Chested Buttercream

We call a slice of the curly man hair!

ID: 807835

2. 2. Candelit Tribute

Selleck looks great with or without the mood lighting.

ID: 807843

3. 3. Photo Opp Cake

We’re just impressed this man can handle the Tom Selleck heat that close to his face.

ID: 807846

4. 4. Tom Selleck Oasis

Praise the lord of all that is sandy and magnificent.

ID: 807850

5. 5. Homemade Handsome

Well. His mustache looks great.

ID: 807853

6. 6. More Than Just a Pretty Chest

In case you forgot, Tom Selleck also has a great face.

ID: 807859

7. 7. Sexed-Up Fondant

As well as a strong jawline!

ID: 807862

8. But who really needs a Selleck cake, when you think about it…?

Damn right.

ID: 807938

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