A Kitten Playing The Ukele Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

You read that right: a ukelele playing kitten. And he’s playing a super nerdy love song!

1. This is DeAnne, and she’s about to sing a super nerdy love song for you!

She recorded it for the show Up Late Live, and made sure to put some epic nerd pickup lines in it.

ID: 1360580

2. She just didn’t know that her foster kitten, Clark, was planning on making a cameo mid-song.

ID: 1360585

3. As you can see, he totally helped amp up the ukelele solo.

ID: 1360594

4. But sometimes Clark was so cute and awesome, that it distracted poor DeAnne from singing.

ID: 1360619

5. Watch the full song here, and get ready to start a band with a kitten.

ID: 1360281

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