30 Best Jokes From “30 Rock”

To get you prepared for the series finale!

1. That time Liz thought she might die on an airplane.

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2. When Tracy thanked Liz for solving apartheid.

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3. That time when Jack reminded Liz to stop making up words.

ID: 847984

4. When we learned this tenet of Kenneth Parcell.

ID: 847913

5. That time Tracy revealed the secret to living a long and happy life.

ID: 847893

6. The moment Jack realized he might end up with a Canadian child.

ID: 847843

7. When Jack revealed the Republican Party’s secret.

ID: 847877

8. That time Jack made the dress code clear.

ID: 847895

9. Liz divulging the secret way to get out of civic duties.

ID: 847905

10. The sassy way Angie said, “Ham.”

ID: 848090

11. That time when a fake reality TV show saved TGS.

ID: 847868

12. When Liz realized what her life had become.

ID: 847912

13. The time when Dr. Spaceman gave Liz an important prescription.

ID: 848085

14. When Liz told the truth about that year abroad.

ID: 847918

15. When we were reminded of the way to Liz’s heart.

ID: 847922

16. And the way to Jack’s heart.

ID: 847990

17. When Liz posed the question every good friend of Jenna’s needs to ask.

ID: 847981

18. When we got insight into Jack’s worldview.

ID: 848050

19. When we saw into Kenneth’s soul.

ID: 847921

20. That time when Jack gave Liz financial advice.

ID: 848060

21. When Jack delivered the greatest comeback ever.

ID: 848061

22. When we heard the truth from Queen of Jordan’s mouth.

ID: 848096

23. That time when Jack explained his fear of Leonardo DiCaprio.

ID: 848069

24. When the business schemes of Devon were confessed.

ID: 848103

25. When we saw Colleen’s motherly instincts kick in.

ID: 848128

26. The most romantic thing we’ve ever heard from Frank.

ID: 848136

27. When Pete showed us the right way to start each and every day.

ID: 848140

28. When we finally heard the reason for why there are no mirrors on the TGS set.

ID: 848195

29. When we learned that there aren’t really eyes on the back of Jack’s head.

ID: 848059

30. When Jack explained the legal limit.

ID: 848056

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