20 Dogs Who Hate The Snow More Than You Do

Seriously, they’re so ready for winter to end already.

1. The dog whose seasonal affective disorder (SAD), causes him to weep uncontrollably for no good reason.

Awww, poor cold pug!

ID: 948686

2. The dog who was thrown a ball two months ago, and has yet to find it because of the snow.

ID: 948696

3. The dog who’s so bogged down by his fugly booties that he legitimately can’t go on anymore.

ID: 948707

4. The dog who starts to hate children in the winter, but especially their snowball fights.

ID: 948727

5. The dog who bought the wrong size snowshoes and is the embarrassment of the neighborhood.

ID: 948735

6. The dog who has a healthy fear of being buried alive.

ID: 948752

7. The dog whose hard nipples remain a constant source of embarrassment.

ID: 948791

8. The dog who misses seeing the sun on the regular.

ID: 948803

9. The corgi who thinks all that snow is just terribly inconvenient.

ID: 948852

10. The dog who gets totally skeeved out by yellow snow.

ID: 948831

11. The dog who turns into a hermit in the winter, much to his dismay.

ID: 948841

12. The dog who’s terrified of what winter couture does to her figure.

ID: 948959

13. The dog who has prayed for winter to end, to no avail.

ID: 948964

14. The dog whose winter allergies are always such a bitch.

ID: 948983

15. The dog who just can’t wait to get a tan again.

ID: 948989

16. The dog who’s tired of having a red nose all the time.

ID: 948990

17. The dog who really hates driving in the snow.

ID: 948992

18. The bulldog who gains an extra pound each winter, and can’t seem to get it off.

ID: 949003

19. The dog who would love snow days, if it wasn’t for all that snow.

ID: 949005

20. And the dachshund who’s been waiting an hour for the pizza guy to arrive, and thinks the snow’s to blame.

ID: 949000

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