29 Signs You Are Homer Simpson


1. You say this to yourself every morning:

ID: 1345849

2. This is how you feel at work most days:

ID: 1343933

3. Your idea of staying in shape looks something like this:

ID: 1343898

4. Remember that one time you tried “getting in touch with nature”? This is what you looked like:

ID: 1343703

5. Because your idea of fun is different than most people’s.

ID: 1343722

6. You enjoy relaxing.

ID: 1343692

7. Because you’re perfectly happy keeping yourself entertained.

ID: 1343972

8. This is your best piece of relationship advice:

ID: 1343631

9. Because frankly you don’t particularly care for relationships you’re not in.

ID: 1345833

10. This is your idea of love:

ID: 1343776

11. Because this is how you and your significant other argue:

ID: 1345902

12. And this is how you make up:

ID: 1343914

13. You know you’re not perfect.

ID: 1343701

14. You often feel misunderstood.

ID: 1343986

15. But you know your limits.

ID: 1343871

16. You haven’t changed much since high school.

ID: 1345756

17. In fact, you hate seeing people from high school.

ID: 1347919

18. Because sometimes people get the wrong impression of you.

ID: 1343676

19. But you’re working on getting your priorities in order.

ID: 1343657

20. You sometimes need to subtly remind people of your worth.

ID: 1345761

21. You’re responsible.

ID: 1345789

22. You’re direct.

ID: 1345911

23. You’re never too quick to judge.

ID: 1346753

24. You’re realistic, and your friends appreciate that about you.

ID: 1345843

25. You still know how to have a good time…

ID: 1345795

27. At the end of the day, you know you’re better off than most.

ID: 1346743

28. So dare to dream!

ID: 1345827

29. Because the world is yours for the taking! That is, if you’re not too lazy to take it.

ID: 1343787

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