23 Cats Who Are Going To Have Trust Issues

Permanent emotional damage. I hope you’re happy.

1. This cat who is done falling for your little traps.

ID: 1857982

2. This cat who isn’t even sure what’s real and what’s fake anymore.

ID: 1863139

3. These kittens who had to grow up too quickly. Their innocence died with a flickering of your fingers.

ID: 1860864

4. This cat who will never let her guard down around you again. She’s an emotional FORTRESS because of you.

ID: 1860826

5. This cat who will happily decline any future invitations to your little dinner parties.

ID: 1863174

6. This cat who will never go out for sushi with you again.

ID: 1857714

7. Just try picking this cat up again. See what happens.

ID: 1857986

8. This cat who isn’t quite sure what’s going on here, but he knows he doesn’t like it.

ID: 1857997

9. This cat who is done babysitting for your “little angel.”

ID: 1860763

10. This cat who immediately quit his job after the Post-It incident.

ID: 1861114

11. This cat who’s been having waking nightmares since this episode. NIGHTMARES.

ID: 1867994

12. This cat who will listen to his gut next time you ask him to do something weird, like sit in a shark’s mouth.

ID: 1863183

13. This cat who is done being your little crash dummy. Do your own stunts next time, human.

ID: 1863201

14. This cat who insists you make your own toast from now, because she is DONE.

ID: 1868006

15. This cat who’s beginning to realize that nothing lasts forever.

ID: 1863412

16. This kitten who’s not sure who invited the LIZARDS WHEN SHE SPECIFICALLY SAID NO LIZARDS!

ID: 1863415

17. This cat who feels like everything is out to get him.

ID: 1863426

18. This cat who doesn’t understand why everyone snaps at her when she’s just trying to be friendly.

ID: 1863430

19. This cat who played her last game of “capture the dot” with you. Have fun playing it alone.

ID: 1868086

20. This cat who doesn’t even know which way is up anymore.

ID: 1863447

21. This kitten who is developing claustrophobia as we speak.

ID: 1863451

22. This cat who’s had ENOUGH of your birthday parties.

ID: 1863461

23. And this cat who will never be the same after finding out the truth.

ID: 1868080

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