15 Reasons Why You Should Never Mess With Samuel L. Jackson

Does he look like a bitch?

1. Samuel L. Jackson is, in a word, intimidating.

Even when he’s reciting Dr. Seuss-esque poetry for a 2012 campaign ad in support of Barack Obama.

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2. He has a clause written into his movie contracts that says he must be given two days off a week to play golf.

John Phillips / Getty Images

And the producers of his movie must pay for his tee time.

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3. He threatened to boycott the movie Snakes On A Plane when the producers tried to change the title to Pacific Flight 121.

© New Line Cinema / Courtesy: Everett Collection

You’re welcome, world.

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4. He requested a purple lightsaber in the Star Wars films so he’d be able to spot himself in fight scenes.

George Lucas explained lightsabers only come in two colors: red for the Sith and green for the Jedi, but he eventually gave in and even inscribed the letters BMF (“Bad Motherfucker”) on the hilt.

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5. Samuel L. Jackson won’t take your shit on Twitter.

Samuel L. Jackson


These chicks slinging da shit outta that heavy frisbee! Givin’ shout outs w/ every toss!

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@SamuelLJackson haha Sam it's called the discus!!

— Lawrence B.Jones III (@LawrenceBJones3)

Lawrence B.Jones III


@SamuelLJackson haha Sam it’s called the discus!!

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Who the Fuck are you? @LawrenceBJones3 GOOGLE?!

— Samuel L. Jackson (@SamuelLJackson)

Samuel L. Jackson


Who the Fuck are you? @LawrenceBJones3 GOOGLE?!

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6. Even if you’re a famous critic for The New York Times.

#Avengers fans,NY Times critic AO Scott needs a new job! Let's help him find one! One he can ACTUALLY do!

— Samuel L. Jackson (@SamuelLJackson)

Samuel L. Jackson


#Avengers fans,NY Times critic AO Scott needs a new job! Let’s help him find one! One he can ACTUALLY do!

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7. One time he dropped the F-bomb live on Saturday Night Live

…and recovered by calling it “bullshit.”

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8. And another time he refused to answer a question during an interview for Django Unchained until the interviewer said the n-word.

The interviewer declined and moved onto the next question.

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9. Jackson doesn’t care about being nominated for things; he only cares about winning things.


And win things he does.

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10. In 1991, his performance in Jungle Fever was so good, the Cannes Film Festival created the category for Best Supporting Actor just so they could give him an award.

©Universal Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection


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11. Jackson was an usher at Martin Luther King Jr.’s funeral.

Reg Lancaster / Getty Images

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Staff / Getty Images


And was so enraged by the assassination that he and a student group held members of Morehouse College’s Board of Trustees hostage to protest the school’s governance. He was quickly suspended.

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12. This is how Samuel L. Jackson amped people up for the 2012 BET Awards.


People were effectively amped.

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13. Sam is the only person on earth that can look good in any hat.

Justin Hession/Stringer / Getty Images

Stephen Lovekin/Staff / Getty Images

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

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Robert Mora/Staff / Getty Images

Mike Coppola/Staff / Getty Images

Frank Micelotta/Staff

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One time Bruce Willis dared to wear a hat in front of him and he gave him this look:

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
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14. He’s 64 years old and has the complexion of a perfectly ripe grape in early summer.

Daniel Zuchnik / Getty Images

Lookin’ good, Sam!

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15. And, finally, he’s the highest grossing actor in the history of all time.

According to the Guinness Book Of World Records, he’s earned $7.42 billion in 68 films. So there’s that.

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