Spaghetti Ice Cream Exists, Looks Like Heaven

The delightful German novelty dessert is now available in NYC.

1. This is Spaghetti-Eis.

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2. It is ice cream.

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3. That’s made to look like spaghetti.

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4. It was invented in Germany in the 1960s. Today, it is popular enough there that it’s served in lots of different flavors….

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5. …and in HUGE portions.

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7. Spaghetti-Eis is made by pressing vanilla ice cream through a potato ricer to create “noodles.”

Kelly Bazely
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8. Typically, strawberry jam acts as “marinara.”

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9. Coconut flakes or white chocolate stand in for Parmesan.

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10. It also comes in chocolate.

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11. As of this week, you can find Spaghetti-Eis at Dolce Gelateria, a frozen treats shop that opened in June in NYC’s West Village.

Kelly Bazely

Kelly Bazely

ID: 1601822

12. Dolce Gelatteria serves Spaghetti-Eis with “marinara sauce” (strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry jam) or “vodka sauce” (mango and peach).

Kelly Bazely

Kelly Bazely

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