27 Signs You’re An Obsessive List Maker

And that’s OK.

1. You got started early, like as soon as you could write.

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2. Now you own a lot of these…

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4. You stay up late at night making a list of things you need to do tomorrow.

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5. You make lists even to deal with emotional issues, like “Forgetting Landon.”

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6. Sometimes your emails turn out like this:

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7. When you come back from vacation and you’re all relaxed and happy, you make a list of ways to stay that way even though you’ll probably never look at it again.

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8. You organize your grocery list into sections or aisles.

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9. You have considered creating something that looks like this.

Five different colored pens.

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10. You add things to your lists that you’ve already done just so you can cross it off.

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11. You make to-do lists for your significant other.

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12. And sneak important jokes in sometimes.

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13. You’re constantly downloading new productivity apps just trying to GTD.

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14. You’re into chalkboard paint.

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15. You make lists of the books you want to read.

Here’s some help with that: 65 Books You Need To Read In Your 20s.

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16. And restaurants you want to try.

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17. And songs want to sing at karaoke.

Bonus points if you keep a shared google doc of karaoke songs with your friends.

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18. You feel the need to write down your workout routine.

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19. Sometimes it feels like making lists is just another way to procrastinate.

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20. And sometimes you feel like you never get anything done, even though you’re trying so hard.

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21. But you push through it.

ID: 1347604

22. Know you’re in good company. Johnny Cash was a list maker.

ID: 1347161

23. And Woody Guthrie.

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24. And you may realize that lists are a part of who you are.

ID: 1347670

25. Eventually, making them may even teach you something about yourself.

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26. And even though it may be a little obsessive, it’s part of what what makes you a great friend or mother or sister or father.

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27. So when anyone hates on your lists, you just say:

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