31 Eggs In Exciting Holes

The phrase “exciting holes” might speak to you in a way that’s not related to food. I’m OK with that.

A classic Egg in a Hole is great just as it is.

Get a step-by-step recipe from Pioneer Woman Cooks.

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But there is more.

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1. What if you bake the egg into an avocado?

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Recipe here.

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2. Or into a tomato.

Get the recipe.

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3. Into a bread boat with bacon and tomatoes.

Get the recipe.

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4. Bake it into an acorn squash.

Get the recipe.

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5. In a bell pepper.

Get the recipe.

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6. In an eggplant.

Get the recipe.

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8. Baked eggs in dinner rolls with hot sauce is the easiest/cheapest dinner ever.

Get the recipe.

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9. Presenting: Huevos in a hole.

Get the recipe.

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10. Nestle your egg into a skillet of tomato sauce, then bake.

Get the recipe.

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11. Or into an entire casserole.

Get the recipe.

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12. A baked potato makes a very exciting hole.

Get the recipe.

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13. So does a doughnut.

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14. An egg lends itself to teddy bear shapes.

ID: 1262547

15. Dog shapes.

ID: 1262628

16. Flowers.

ID: 1262942

17. Christmas morning-appropriate shapes.

ID: 1262566

18. Basically, any shape for which you own a cookie cutter.

ID: 1263371

19. This is is heart-shaped egg-in-a-hole FRENCH TOAST.

Get the recipe.

ID: 1262557

Cookie cutters aren’t the only way. Get the recipe.

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20. You can line a muffin tin with regular sandwich bread. Result: Twelve exciting holes.

Get the recipe.

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21. Line a muffin tin or ramekin with shredded potatoes…

Get the recipe for Baked Eggs in a Crunchy Potato Crust.

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22. …with ham, turkey, or salami slices…

Get the recipe.

ID: 1262887

23. …or with thinly sliced potatoes.

Get the recipe.

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24. There are exciting holes that aren’t made of other food.

Get it here.

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ID: 1264021

But let’s not explore that territory too much because someone’s bound to make a gross joke.

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26. Just because you put your egg in an exciting hole doesn’t mean you have to stop there.

Get the recipe.

ID: 1262873

27. Make it a part of something, like a Caesar salad…

This Caesar salad is served at NYC’s Redhead restaurant, and it is awesome.

ID: 1262898

28. …a burger…

ID: 1262617

29. …or a grilled cheese sandwich.

Francesco Tonelli

Recipe here.

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30. Dress it up for a party appetizer by using quail eggs.

ID: 1262599

31. If all else fails, just cover it in cheese.

(In this case, ricotta and Parmesan.) Get the recipe.

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