24 Foods That Cuddle

It’s cold outside! Look at these guys for inspiration and then go get cozy.

1. These hot dogs wearing the warmest jackets.

ID: 774431

2. This deviled egg giving his friend a nuzzle.

ID: 774426

3. These cinnamon rolls snuggling with each other.

ID: 774414

4. These cozy soppressata bundles getting all wrapped up.

Get the recipe at Food & Wine

ID: 773594

5. These green beans in puffy vests made of bacon.

ID: 774432

6. This crostata hugging itself.

ID: 774436

7. This crostata too.

ID: 774434

8. Crostata are so lucky.

ID: 774438

9. These bundled up packages of grissini.

ID: 774430

10. These eggs nestled in.

ID: 774494

11. This cobbler, too. (Cobbler king of the nestle.)

Get the recipe from Martha Stewart.

ID: 774499

12. Whatever rests cozily in this phyllo purse.

ID: 774454

13. These pita pockets.

ID: 774446

14. Pita bread pays it forward.

ID: 774447

15. These apples having a spa treatment.

ID: 774475

16. Dolmades are comfy. Olives are cozy.

ID: 774465

17. This ravioli giving a tight hug.

ID: 774469

18. These banana slices in a warm embrace.

ID: 774472

19. These cookies under a blankie.

ID: 774473

20. These asparagus having a bath.

ID: 774476

21. This happy pile of cuddling gnocchi.

ID: 774495

22. Hershey kisses nuzzling down into a comfy pillow.

ID: 774496

23. This teddy bear who is all tucked in.

ID: 774180

24. Not a yule log; a chocolate infinity hug.

ID: 774460

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