How To Make Light & Spicy Cantaloupe Soup

For this easy recipe you “pick your kick,” as they say in Oklahoma.

This is a perfect hot weather appetizer, we serve it at almost all of our barbecues. My friend Susan got the recipe from a local chef and it’s super easy. The peppers are essential, but you can “pick your kick” — instead of birds beak peppers Susan sometimes uses Serrano peppers or roasted jalapeno peppers, and a piece of orange or mint to garnish.Edie Roodman, 56, Executive Director at Jewish Federation of Oklahoma City, OK

3. You will need:

Greek yogurt
olive oil
bread to make breadcrumbs
chili peppers
kosher salt (not pictured)

5. First make breadcrumbs.

6. To do that, place 5 slices of plain white bread onto a baking tray and put into an oven preheated to 300 degrees for 10-15 minutes until they’ve dried out.

7. Break the bread into chunks

8. …and pulse in a food processor until coarse.

9. Next prep your cantaloupe.

10. Scoop out the seeds.

11. Slice.

12. Trim off the skin.

13. Then chop into cubes.

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