How To Get Cuss Words On Your Candy Hearts

Someone should tell Necco that WTF stands for Why The Face.

1. Necco has a new custom candy website.

The New England Confectionary Company that brings you wafers and V-day sweethearts also lets you customize the candies by color and size, then create three (very short) messages to put on them.

ID: 819221

2. This is fantastic except that it’s run by a mean Puritanical robot who hates fun and funny things.

ID: 819161

3. Fortunately the Puritanical robot is kind of stupid.

ID: 819156

4. Because this is just fine.

ID: 819665

5. And if you use all your most sophisticated human brain powers…

ID: 819446

6. You can get this too!

ID: 819662

Place your Valentine’s Day orders on the site by Jan. 31 to make sure they get to you by Feb. 14.

ID: 819190
ID: 819330

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