23 Photos You Should Not See While Fasting For Yom Kippur

NOTHING IN THIS POST IS KOSHER. And you’re not supposed to be eating anything, anyway.

1. Bacon-Wrapped Scallops a.k.a. Adorable Tiny Treif Packets

ID: 604571

2. Summer’s over, nothing to see here.

Source: Elaynam / Via Flickr: elaynam
ID: 604227

3. G-d isn’t sympathetic just because this fancy-ass BLT is made with pancetta, burrata, and arugula.

ID: 604180

4. Judaism frowns at even the most silken bowl of shrimp and grits.

ID: 604295

5. Yeah sorry, there’s all kinds of crab meat up in this pasta.

ID: 604311

6. Looks good right? It is rabbit ragu. Not OK.

ID: 604333

7. This burger is made out of camel and to that G-d says “N O P E.”

ID: 604510

8. More rabbit. Forbidden. Move along.

ID: 604341

9. Oh verboten pepperoni, how your edges are so lightly charred.

Photo: Hannah Whitaker / Via
ID: 604530

10. Crispy Bacon Oyster Garnish. What. Ever.

ID: 604598

11. Hot dogs? Get real.

ID: 604607

12. There’s bacon in that.

ID: 604614

13. The meatiest of crab cakes?! CURSES.

ID: 604629

14. Totally out of the question.

ID: 604634

15. This might not even look that good if you weren’t so effing hungry.

ID: 604643

16. Clam Chowder? Meh. Clam Chowder in a bread bowl? FML!!

ID: 604758

17. As Leviticus says: “No fins, no scales, no go.”

ID: 604766

18. Yes, even if that calamari is fried.

ID: 604782

19. You’re not welcome here, beautiful beast of Maine.

ID: 604801

20. The cruelest of pork roasts, no doubt.

ID: 604813

21. Spoke too soon.

ID: 604828

22. Root beer Pulled Pork. Whimper.

ID: 604833

23. “Please refrain from splattering the Book of Life with mussel broth” -Deut. 14:9

ID: 604857

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