32 Signs You Work In Broadcasting

It’s not always a glamorous job, but it is always exciting. Talent and production crew workers can make awesome things happen.

1. You can relate to Anchorman.

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News team assemble.

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2. You over-under all of your cords.

Emma Hawes

From iPhone chargers to hair straighteners, you always try to practice your skills and keep everything organized.

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3. You can spot a jump cut in a heartbeat.

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4. You hate the production of first few seasons of The Office even though the show is hilarious.

Zooms and equipment in shots get on your nerves.

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5. Every time you watch a TV news segment you refer to it as the A, B, C, D, or E block

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6. You cannot watch the news with a family member.

You constantly focus on the camera techniques and the ability of the staff. You critique everything.

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7. It kills you to see someone shooting a video vertically on his or her iPhone.

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8. You judge a news station’s ethics.

Would you let the Mobile Leprechaun air?

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9. You wonder what is going on in the control room while watching a live news show.

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10. Hot keys are your best friend.

Emma Hawes

Whether it is command X or control X, you love that you don’t have to go through the menus. This saves time before deadlines.

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11. You don’t question, you know reality TV shows are scripted.

Bravo / Via tamaratattles.com

It just doesn’t make sense when they wear the same outfit for their commentary throughout the whole show.

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12. You can handle staying up late.

Alx_Yago / Via thinkstockphotos.com
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13. You spend a great deal of time trying to contact freelance contracting companies in hopes of working for ESPN or Fox Sports.

Warner Bros. / Via makeagif.com

You pray you don’t end on the backup list.

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14. A day that involves editing needs at least two trips to the local coffee shop

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15. No one else around you understands the terms VO, VO-SOT, RDR

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16. You have an endless collection of jump drives and external hard drives for your footage.

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17. You love a photographer who matches the words with images.

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18. You have to contain yourself on the sidelines since you can’t show your emotions or team spirit.

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19. Also, you have to choose colors that do not represent the sports teams you are covering.

Emma Hawes

Pink is always a safe color.

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20. You are good at looking at your surroundings while on the job

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21. A press pass is never thrown away.

Austin Marshall / Via facebook.com

It becomes a piece of evidence that you worked at a certain sporting event.

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22. Your family calls you to help them with their TVs, phones, and other technical issues

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23. You feel like you wear the same outfit constantly.

Plan your outfits reporters.

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24. You have five pairs of shoes with you on the job

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You have a pair of tennis shoes, rain boots and dress shoes in several colors because you never know what a day is going to hold when you are a reporter.

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25. You always have a heating pad ready after shooting a long event.

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26. You have had a story scrapped due to breaking news.

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27. As a freelancer, you have had your fair share of fears and excitement for this channel.

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28. You meet great people

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From celebrities to ordinary people, someone always has a story to tell.

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29. Now about your coworkers, they can make life better

Disney–ABC Domestic Television / Via tvbuzz.beamly.com
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30. You try to write the story in your head while you are driving.

AndreyPopov / Via thinkstockphotos.com

Breaking news does not seem to wait at all.

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31. You plan ahead just in case something goes wrong.

Extra notebooks in the car, a stockpile of pens, 10 extra SD Cards, pony tail holders, and a Mophie phone case might be several items that you have. You never know what the day is going to hold.

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32. Ten minutes before air time can be a war zone.

Last minute editing can be crazy.

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