23 Reasons Why Your Life Hasn’t Been The Same Since Lost

You lived to find out who the others were on the island.

1. Part of you was upset that “This is 40” ruined the plot for everyone else

However, we did feel the same way as the little girl when it ended.

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2. You never look at these numbers the same way

You probably don’t want to help your niece with her math homework for this reason. You might react like Hurley at the mental hospital.

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3. The heartache you had when Charlie told Desmond this

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4. You expect to see a Dharma Initiative sign on every khaki jumpsuit you see.

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5. You bought every book they made a reference about

ID: 2506219

6. If you had to choose a car from the 1960s you would choose a blue Volkswagen van

ID: 2506213

7. You never want to fly on a plane with the flight number 815 or 316

You are just glad Oceanic is a fake airline.

ID: 2506439

8. You are afraid to fly on a plane with a prisoner in transport

ID: 2506461

9. When you hear of Oasis, you think of Drive Shaft

Charlie and Liam Pace was modeled after Noel and Liam Gallagher. Those two brothers never fought so much. This was modeled after Rock ‘n’ Roll Star

ID: 2506464

10. If fly from Sydney to LA you will probably choose a connecting flight to San Francisco in between

ID: 2506483

11. You secretly want to eat at a Mr. Cluck’s

The predecessor to Los Pollos Hermanos of TV show chicken restaurants

ID: 2506493

12. You never want to win the lottery

Hurley had bad luck

ID: 2506509

13. If you go to Hawaii, you want to see where everything was filmed

ID: 2506636

14. There will never be a better looking doctor than Jack Shepard

All of the fighting over McDreamy and McSteamy was ridiculous.

ID: 2506725

15. Everytime you see a polar bear, you think of the Dharma Initiative

ID: 2519198

16. This guy played a con man

He was a guest star on Yo Gabba Gabba. Farmer Josh also played guitar while driving a flying car as well. That never happened on Lost.

ID: 2519279

17. You will never be able to play senet

ID: 2519346

18. When you hear Buddy Holly’s “Everyday” you think of the night John Locke was born

ID: 2519908

19. It’s the only reason why you love philosophy

This John Locke was the original one. The episode “Tabula Rosa” was named after his theory that everyone is born with a blank slate.

ID: 2519971

20. “Catch a Falling Star” makes you think of Claire and Aaron

Sorry The Princess Diaries

ID: 2519916

21. An empty jar of peanut butter makes you think of this

ID: 2521880

22. You feel bad for your friend named Ben

Well, you probably didn’t like the character.

ID: 2520507

23. You need to go back to the island

Or at least have a Lost marathon

ID: 2506171

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