10 Animals That Could Play Characters On "Homeland"

And yep, Dana’s still pretty much the worst.

1. Carrie Mathison


ID: 743927

2. Saul Berenson

“So you’re a religious man and a torturer. What are you, Catholic?”

ID: 743938

3. Nicholas Brody

“My name is Nicholas Brody…by the time you’ve watched this you’ll have read a lot of things about me, about what i’ve done.”

ID: 743953

4. Dana Brody

“FUCK! This is leaking it’s disgusting! I AM SO SICK OF THIS! Why are you even here!?”

ID: 743954

5. Chris Brody

“Hey Dad! Are you a spy now Dad!? Wanna play cards!?”

ID: 743959

6. Jessica Brody

“Is it her again? Carrie, the nut?”

ID: 743969

7. Mike Faber

“Dana, I told your mom you’d call her after dinner.”

ID: 743975

8. Peter Quinn

“Crazy…that’s an interesting choice of words.”

ID: 743978

9. David Estes

“You didn’t come here today expecting to get reinstated right?”

ID: 743997

10. Abu Nazir

“Sometimes when you are breaking a man, an emotional transference takes place.”

ID: 743986

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