An Eight Course Meal In Clothes Made Of Food

Hungry? Look no further. Naked? Look no further.

1. The Shellfish Course

This razor clam shell dress looks like it’s a cast-off from a Project Runway challenge, but it’s okay: It’s by Alexander McQueen.

2. The Salad Course

The pepper necklace takes this lettuce dress from day to night.

3. The Fish Course

But really, that seaweed skirt is pretty versatile.

4. The Poultry Course

Fact: If it looks like a bird, it counts for the poultry course. Ask any five-star chef. Hashtag real talk.

5. The Pasta Course

Please, no jokes about meatballs.

6. The Meat Course

Pretty sure everyone attracted to women (and a few people who thought they were attracted to men) just fell in love.

7. The Wine Course

This fabric of this dress is made entirely from the byproduct of fermented grapes, i.e. wine. It’s super eco-friendly and smells like death.

8. The Dessert Course

Anyone who has held a candy bar longer than advisable understands how uncomfortable wearing a chocolate dress would be.

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