21 Lessons You Can Learn From Cats In Boxes

Cats in boxes aren’t just cute. They’re also infinitely wise.

21. Bigger is better.

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20. But size doesn’t always matter.

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19. Life is short; make bold choices.

“Is that a McQueen?” “No, no. It’s a box.”

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18. Nothing easy is worth having.

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17. Everything is better with friends.

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16. If at first you don’t succeed…

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15. …try, try again.

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14. Practice makes perfect.

All day long, son. All day long.

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13. Develop problem-solving skills.

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12. Your family loves you, even if sometimes they don’t show it.

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11. Keep your friends close…

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10. …but your enemies closer.

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9. One is original; two is a trend.

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8. Always keep your cool.

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7. Don’t get cocky.

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6. The man has it in for you.

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5. Always maintain the element of surprise.

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4. A fabulous hat never goes out of style.

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3. Do or do not; there is no “try.”

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2. Save money for a rainy day.

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1. Your perfect someone is out there.

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