10 Video Game-Themed Foods That Need To Be Eaten

Planning a video game party? Maybe you just fancy some weekend baking? Check out these amazing video game food creations for inspiration.

And, what’s better than good food? Video game-themed food of course!

2. Pokemon Bento Box

Isn’t this the cutest lunch you’ve ever seen? Gotta eat them all!

3. Yoshi Egg Lollipops

These are just about the coolest-lollipops we ever did see. Eat them before they hatch into adorable baby Yoshis.

4. Boo Cookies

We should be terrified, but these Boo cookies are just too cute.

5. Mario Mushroom Treats

We’re not saying that you’ll magically grow bigger if you munch on these but we’re not ruling it out either.

6. Hylian Shield Cake

So beautiful that we wouldn’t dare cut into this cake… for a while at least!

7. Mortal Kombat Cookies

Whatever you do, make sure you FINISH THEM!

8. Pyramid Head Biscuits

Get over your fear of Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head by eating him in cute cookie form. It’s the best type of therapy.

9. Moogle Cupcakes

These Moogle cakes are so adorable, we’re not sure if we’d be able to actually eat them. Ok, we’re lying - we’re cake hussies and would be all over them in a second.

10. This epic Final Fantasy cake

We would eat this every day of our lives. Fact.

11. Amazing Zelda wedding cake

We would marry this cake maker quicker than you can say ‘Ocarina Of Time’.

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