10 Ways To Test If You’re A 1970’s Teenager At Heart

Do you ever feel disheartened with culture today? Or cringe when you hear dubstep and see saggy pants? Ever wish life was more…sepia toned? Yup, you were born in the wrong decade.


Your parents clearly felt nostalgic while raising you because you grew up on Elton John, Billy Joel, James Taylor, and Fleetwood Mac. Now your favorite station on Songza is Classic Rock Wake Up Call and you know all the words to Stairway to Heaven.

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You want to dress like you’re going to a music festival…all the time.
Peace, Love, High Waisted Shorts.

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1977 is your favorite filter on Instagram #artsy

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National Lampoon’s Animal House, Grease, Rocky, Saturday Night Fever, The Godfather, Star Wars, Annie Hall, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Jaws, Apocalypse Now…need I continue? Obviously the best movies ever.

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When reruns on TV Land are way more appealing than anything MTV has to offer. The Brady Brunch was so the original Modern Family, and I am definitely a Marcia. Take that Jan and Cindy.

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When you can only recite the Preamble to the Constitution to the tune of Schoolhouse Rock.
I’m just a bill…

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Space Invaders! Duh. Is that not the best game at the arcade?

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Justin Bieber has nothing on Fonzie. Fonzie is a god among men, do not dispute. RIP to hot Henry Winkler.

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Vinyl. Nothing sounds as good as a vinyl record. Eat your heart out MP3 player.

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Last but not least are fads. If you much rather play with a pet rock in a bean bag than watch Gangam Style videos, congratulations you’re a Baby Boomer! Rock on.

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