Miley Copied Her Lil’ Kim Halloween Costume

Seems like she won’t be able to hide behind the phrase “just bein’ Miley” anymore.

Miley Cyrus’s dressed up as Lil’ Kim this fateful Halloween, but unfortunately she wasn’t the first to do it.

Via Instagram: @mileycyrus

Owner of Los Angeles vintage shop Virgo Downtown (and apparent friend of Iggy Azalea) Alejandra Hernandez rocked the exact same costume last year in 2012. And she fills it out much more generously.

Via Instagram: @aleherself

She doesn’t seem too happy about it either.

Via Twitter: @AleHerself

Side note: Miley Cyrus was only 7 years old when Lil’ Kim originally wore this outfit to the 1999 Video Music Awards. #mindBANGERZ

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