15 Inappropriate Engagement Pictures [SFW]

When it comes to engagement photos, there’s a fine line between tasteful and pornographic. Clearly, these couples crossed it. What did their grandmas think of these?

1. Poll: which part is the most tacky…the cleavage, bra strap or their position?

ID: 950901

2. He’s going to have to take her downtown.

ID: 950902

3. Flexibility is key.

ID: 950893

4. I wanna motorboat you forever, babe.

ID: 950897

5. Sexual owling?

(Dove Eyes Photography) / Via Facebook: DoveEyesPhotography
ID: 950894

6. No comment necessary.

ID: 950900

7. This’ll be perfect for our rap-metal album cover, baby.

ID: 950904

8. This perfectly illustrates where priorities are for men and women.

ID: 950905

9. Really, guys? No coasters?

(Bay Photo) / Via bayphoto.net
ID: 950907

10. On the upside, this would make a great Gillette ad.

ID: 950908

11. “Wait, we gotta do over, there was a woman in the background. OK, this one is much better.”

ID: 951011

12. Scented perfume flap not included.

ID: 950991

13. Not sure where her leg is; not sure if you want to know.

ID: 950996

14. Second base, or sexual assault?

ID: 951008

15. Twilight is really getting to us.

ID: 951010

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