Newlyweds Come Home To 7,500 Beer Bottles, 315 Crates In Epic Prank

But where did all the beer go?

1. A newlywed couple in Belgium were perplexed when they returned home the morning after their wedding ceremony/party to find that the entrance to their house had been blocked by 315 beer crates.

To celebrate their wedding day, friends of Belgium newlyweds Sofie Verret and Gerry Dumortier redecorated the couple’s house with hundreds of beer crates and hung a sign above the blocked entrance reading, “Shh… Newlyweds. Baby in the making.”

“I knew they were going to do something,” Dumortier told “At every wedding they try to outdo each other, but I didn’t expect this.” It took 20 minutes with a box cutter before the couple could enter their home.

3. The 7500 (empty) bottles of beer that had been in the crates were arranged into a heart and the newlyweds’ initials in their backyard.

“It was fun, we had a good laugh, and [our friends] helped us clean it all up,” the couple told Het Nieuwsblad. They posted the images to Facebook and they quickly began to go viral.

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