Face Folding Celebrities Is A Terrible, Wonderful Skill

Filmmaker Izac Less takes moments from classic films and turns them into something you CANNOT UNSEE.

1. Australian filmmaker Izac Less has created a series of amazing videos that take scenes from famous movies and “fold” the faces of the actors.

2. Because what could make classic cinema moments even better than they already are?

Isaac Moores / Via


Isaac Moores / Via

8. Case in point: Foldemort.

Isaac Moores / Via

10. Robert Derpy Jr.

Isaac Moores / Via

12. Anne may Hathaway but she hath not a nose.

Isaac Moores / Via

13. I KHAN’T.

Isaac Moores / Via

14. You need to watch all of these amazing, life-changing videos. Here’s Face Folding 1:

15. Face Folding 2:

16. Face Folding 3:

17. You can follow Isaac Moores on Twitter and Tumblr.

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