America’s Next Top Model Star Busts Face, Shares Instagrams

The Top Model: All-Stars winner has been posting images of her swollen face online.

1. “America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars” winner Lisa D’Amato smashed her face in a “freak accident” last week and has been sharing graphic images of her injuries on Instagram.

ID: 835456

2. D’Amato, a gymnast, broke her nose and lacerated her forehead, lips, and chin while “monkeying around” on an indie movie set in Colorado.

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3. On Jan. 19, D’Amato tweeted: “This is real. I broke my nose last night folks! Got Rushed to the plastic surgeon & now I’m finished. Who wants to hang out? Lol jk Lol no but seriously I’m fine…I need to chill on my gymnastics doe.”

ID: 835301

4. After surgery, she tweeted this photo of her “trying to smile.”

ID: 835376

5. Later that evening, she posted this picture with the message: “WANNA BE ON TOP?”

ID: 835399

6. D’Amato uploaded these images two days later for comparison:

ID: 835432

7. She appears to be healing well, as seen from this photo she posted Thursday night:

ID: 835439

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