25 Very Important Pieces Of Vladimir Putin Fan Art

Fan art of Russian president Vladimir Putin exists and it is EVERYTHING.

1. Russian president Vladimir Putin has some very devoted, talented fans.

ID: 1324833

3. I mean, some of this art looks like it could go in a museum devoted to the manly leader.

ID: 1324800

5. Look at the style! Look at the imagery!

ID: 1324789

7. Many of the images depict Putin with various members of the animal kingdom.

ID: 1324816

9. Especially bears. Putin LOVES bears.

ID: 1325025

11. Fan art of Putin and Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev is hugely popular online, as a lot of people apparently believe/hope that they are lovers.

ID: 1324852

13. There’s even fanfiction. Lots of it.

ID: 1324842

15. Putin fan art can be dignified and serious….

ID: 1324835

17. It can also be sublimely ridiculous.

ID: 1324809

19. And by “ridiculous” I mean “AWESOME.”

ID: 1324777

21. So cheers to you, Putin fandom. You’ve produced some true masterpieces.

ID: 1324810

23. And if you’re extraordinarily lucky…

ID: 1324827

25. The KGB will love it as much as we do.

ID: 1324811

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