15 Convincing Reasons Tom Hiddleston Is An Actual Disney Prince

Let’s look at the facts, shall we?

1. Let’s start with the obvious. He’s insanely good looking in period clothes.

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2. He looks dashing rowing you across the lake at sunset.

Richard Godwin / Via Twitter: @richardjgodwin
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3. All the while reciting thinly veiled sex poetry because SWOON.

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4. He speaks multiple languages* because of course he does.


*Let’s be honest, he could be reciting his grocery list as long as it’s in French.

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5. Which he can recite while whisking all the ladies around the dance floor.

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6. He’s not above giving up his jacket in case of unforeseen cold weather.

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Because he’s a gentleman.

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7. Don’t believe us? What other celebrity would bring soup to a red carpet journalist? NONE.

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8. He puts the happiness of ladies above his own.

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9. And he’s not above sweeping a maiden off her feet.

Marvel’s The Avengers Australia & New Zealand / Via Facebook: AvengersAUNZ
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10. Tom definitely knows how to wield his sword…and he’s pretty good with a blade too.

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IF you know what we’re sayin’.

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11. He sheds light on important charities, like helping children through Unicef.

UNICEF/Harry Borden/2013 / Via blogs.unicef.org.uk
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12. Which means he’s great around children. In case your ovaries were still intact.

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13. He’s got the necessary witty repartee down to an art.

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14. But most importantly, he knows what’s up when it comes to love.

ID: 1926170

15. In conclusion, it’s all mathematical:

ID: 1934972

Therefore, Tom Hiddleston is an actual living Disney Prince.

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