A Love Letter To Charlie Day

But mostly to his character on “It’s Always Sunny.”

1. Dear Charlie,

You’re a passionate man and a wonderful, wonderful dancer.

ID: 808420

2. Sometimes that passion makes you sweat profusely…

ID: 808423

3. But I’m totally fine with it, because you really understand what I’m going through right now.

ID: 808428

4. You make bold fashion choices, which I appreciate…

ID: 808429

5. And your culinary taste is unparalleled.

ID: 808431

6. (Even if that means your teeth fall out really easily)

ID: 808432

7. You are an artist and a poet…

ID: 808438

8. …and yet, I also feel like you could protect me from danger.

ID: 808447

11. And did I mention you look great in costume?

ID: 808459

14. IRL, though, you’re married to the waitress, which is really a huge bummer for me and everyone else.

ID: 808473

17. But I give you my blessing, as she does seem pretty chill.

ID: 808487

18. So I’ll just keep loving you from afar. Adieu, my little green man, until we meet again.

ID: 808493

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