9 Awesome Things About Attending A Small College

Size doesn’t always matter, you know. Sometimes it’s the little things that count.

1. Since no one has heard of your school anyway, you can get as elaborate as you want every time you have to explain where it is.

Yes, it IS on an island. Yep, it’s totally haunted. Yeah, it’s basically on the shore, in the clouds, on the moon, etc…

2. The professors actually know your name because there aren’t 300 people in your class.

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Unless that’s a bad thing…

3. You have the same group of students in most of your major courses, so you know who you can count on for critiquing your papers.

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Or getting answers from. #studybuddies

4. You can actually get into classes you register for, so you finish your undergrad quicker.

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LOL student loans. Who needs those, amirite?

5. Graduation ceremonies aren’t, like, 7.5 hours long.

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Fewer names = more time for the after party.

6. It’s easy to build relationships with students and staff around campus.

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Because you see them on the daily.

7. There are lots of job opportunities for students.

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You can be president of student government, or a TA, or the founder of the gender studies club, or an academic advisor… OR ALL FOUR.

8. Wherever you go you feel a sense of companionship when you see someone else repping your school’s colors/logo/mascot.

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9. You get to be a big fish in a small pond.

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You own this place! Go make it what you want.

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