5 Effortless, Yummy Holiday Appetizers

Holiday entertaining should be easy and effortless so that the chef gets to enjoy the fun, too! With Plated’s 5 holiday appetizers, you can whip up a feast in an hour or less and have plenty of time to turn up the egg nog, too.

2. Easy Spicy Tuna Tartare

One of the best versions of guacamole that I’ve ever eaten had little bits of chopped raw fish mixed in. This dish takes the same idea and flips the proportions (more fish, less avocado). The result is a dip that straddles the line between cocktail party food and football-watching food (in my book it’s always good to make dishes that you can take right to the couch after your guests leave).

3. Thai Turkey Meatballs with Peanut Sauce

These seared turkey meatballs, flavored with garlic, ginger, lemongrass, and chile, taste bright and fresh, a great counterpoint to the rich, slightly salty peanut sauce. Make sure to mince the lemongrass nice and small; you don’t want big chunks of it in the meatballs. Don’t worry about making the meatballs perfectly round; they’ll flatten out in the skillet anyway.

4. Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin on Brioche Rolls

I love to entertain year round with pork tenderloin. It’s a fail-proof party staple that’s delicious and impressive on the table. These little mini sliders will quickly disappear from your festive table. I also whip up my mother’s holiday hot mustard to slather on the little buns, but you can choose between mayo or dijon mustard for an easier and equally delicious blend.

5. Broiled Apples with Sage and Gruyere

There’s no denying that gooey, melted cheese is a crowd-pleaser. This appetizer wholeheartedly caves to that temptation, blanketing slices of apple with earthy sage and nutty, melted Gruyere. As any grilled cheese sandwich eater knows, the most coveted parts are the bits of cheese that ooze over the edge and crisp directly on the pan. The same applies here: Let it happen (in fact, encourage it).

6. Curry-Spiced Sautéed Cashews and Golden Raisins

The smell of chestnuts roasting on an open fire has become synonymous with the holiday, but if you have nowhere to put an open fire (or don’t want to bother with chestnuts), curry-spiced, toasted cashews are just as good. As the cashews and curry powder warm up in the pan they become incredibly fragrant. Golden raisins add a sweetness and softness that makes the mixture hard to resist (you can serve it at room temperature if you like, but you probably won’t be able to wait that long).

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