Newt Gingrich Trying To Read Your Password

If this isn’t the silliest premise for an image gallery yet, then I don’t know.

Hm? Nah, I wasn’t really looking.

What, a ‘t’ or an ‘r’? What do I care?

No really, I just though the way you move your fingers is impressive.

Look, I was damn near the leader of the free world, so why would…hey, slow down there champ…

Oh come on, what would I use it for?

Hm? No, I was just thinking of something else.

I like that sticker you have on your keyboard…what…oh come on!

No, not looking!

And then I…what? No, my mind just went blank. Seriously!

Ok, I think we both know what we want here, alright? Well screw you.

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