The Trippiest Video About A Bridge Replacement Ever Made

The North Carolina Department of Transportation had something else in mind when they made this new video about a bridge project. There must be something special in that tobacco they’re growing down there in NC after all. But it’s whatever, man. posted on

1. Some picture North Carolina like this:

Shake and bake!

2. And some picture it like this:

Us North Carolinians love a good back massage almost as much as we love South Carolina’s cheap gas.

3. But according to the Department of Transportation it’s this:

Normally government sponsored videos can be kind of drab. But it looks like the DOT in the good ole Tarheel State is changing that with this psychedelic, seizure-inducing, shroom-fest of a project video. Do yourself a favor and check out this masterpiece of a video in all its glory.

4. The electronic music had me like:

5. Waiting for the drop was like:

6. And then that truck teleported and I was like:

No it didn’t… No it didn’t… YES IT DID!!!

7. TL;DW


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