28 Pictures Of Golden Retriever Puppies That Will Brighten Your Day

Because there aren’t enough “Awww”s for them!

1. Look at these cuties!

ID: 1085930

2. They make friends with everyone..

ID: 1086183

5. There’s something about those puppy eyes….

ID: 1085936

6. That makes them get away with things..

ID: 1085943

7. Maybe because they’re so cuddly…

ID: 1085946

9. And there’s strength in numbers when it comes to cuddling…

ID: 1085953

10. Or maybe because they’re so charming..

ID: 1085954

11. Or the fact that they look so cute in costumes…

ID: 1085966

15. Not to mention they do the silliest things..

ID: 1086165

18. And don’t forget the sleepy ones! / Via http://tumblr
ID: 1085974

23. Either way they’re all ridiculously cute (and photogenic!)

ID: 1086002

28. Their mom thinks so too.

ID: 1086164

29. These puppies thank you for your time.


ID: 1086221

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