Proof Andrew McCutchen Is The Winner Of 2013

The Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder pretty much had the best year ever.

1. In case you didn’t know, this is Andrew McCutchen

He plays centerfield for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

ID: 2139570

2. He also pretty much dominated 2013

Call it the year of the Cutch

ID: 2139578

3. He started with a bold prediction / Via Andrew McCutchen

Posted on January 1, 2013. The caption here: “Our year!”

ID: 2139585

4. Then he landed on the cover of MLB 13: The Show

Thanks to your votes.

ID: 2139595

5. There was that whole baseball thing

ID: 2139612 / Via Pittsburgh Pirates
ID: 2139654

He ended the season batting .317, with 21 home runs and 84 RBIs

ID: 2139621

9. He went to the All Star Game / Via @TheCutch22
ID: 2139624

10. He made the cover of Sports Illustrated / Via Pittsburgh Pirates
ID: 2139658

11. He perfected the selfie

ID: 2139604

12. He was voted MVP of the National League

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review / Via
ID: 2139625

13. He also led the Pirates out of a 20 year losing streak / Via Pittsburgh Pirates

Potentially the biggest sports story of the year.

ID: 2139629

14. Off the field, he dominated too / Via Andrew McCutchen

He got an advance copy of the PS4

ID: 2139634

15. He met Anthony Bourdain / Via @TheCutch22

Tell me you wouldn’t want to do that.

ID: 2139599

16. He made a bunch of Tom Cruise tribute GIFs

MLB Fan Cave / Via
ID: 2139692
MLB Fan Cave / Via
ID: 2139694

18. He was immortalized in watermelon / Via Andrew McCutchen
ID: 2139646

19. He was invited to present an award at the American Music Awards

Who know’s what might be next… the Tonys?

ID: 2139663

20. He took this photo with his great grandfather / Via @TheCutch22
ID: 2139637

21. And he proposed to his girlfriend (She said yes)

And he did it on Ellen no less!

ID: 2139642

22. Congratulations, Andrew / Via @TheCutch22

You’ve won 2013

ID: 2139671
MLB Network / Via
ID: 2139720

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