21 Reasons Why Studying Abroad In Japan Is The Best

Sushi… on a conveyor belt!

1. You land in Japan and Immediately you are bombarded with more cuteness than you can handle

Hello Kitty is legitimately everywhere.

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2. Nothing makes sense, and that doesn’t bother you

Seriously, nothing makes sense at all.

ID: 1844605

3. Riding trains everywhere

They are both fast and on time. Take that, Amtrak

ID: 1844800

4. Your rail pass is practically a work of art

And you thought your Eurail pass was cool…

ID: 1844808

5. Onsens

Hold on, I’m just taking a bath with strangers in hot spring water.

ID: 1844631

6. When you call home, you are calling the past

You: “Last night was great.”
Them: “Oh, awesome, I’m heading out now.”

ID: 1845158

7. Kaiten Sushi

Also known as the optimal way to receive sushi

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8. Speaking of which, Japanese food is awesome

ID: 1844685

9. You rarely get mistaken for being a local

ID: 1844574

10. You can appreciate all the things you liked as a child without seeming that childish

ID: 1844831

11. You have all kinds of new sports to care about

New goal: become Yokozuna

ID: 1844855

12. Shrines, temples and gardens are lovely places and you will know how to differentiate between them

ID: 1844879

13. Karaoke is a nearly nightly activity

ID: 1844907

14. Taiko Drum Master

and Game Centers in general

ID: 1844935

15. Going on field trips means going here

ID: 1844943

Or here

ID: 1844949

Perhaps here

ID: 1844961

You might even end up here

ID: 1844971

16. This is not all that strange

ID: 1845022

17. Language classes double as art classes

ID: 1845055

18. You head to school each morning alongside these precious youngsters

ID: 1845081

19. You will see commercials featuring American celebrities

ID: 1845129

20. The world seems so efficient

ID: 1845139

21. Lost in Translation becomes your actual life

ID: 1844469

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