15 Animals You Wish You Could Keep As A Pet

Not including the animals you can generally keep as a pet. Just don’t take this post as license to capture or harbor any of these animals. Exotic animals are not pets.

1. Bobcat

ID: 1735533

3. Red Panda

ID: 1735510

4. Snow Leopard

ID: 1735641

6. Harp Seal

ID: 1735554

7. African Elephant

ID: 1735520

8. Snowy Owl

ID: 1735517

9. Ocelot

ID: 1735528

10. Polar Bear

ID: 1735541

11. Slow Loris

ID: 1735572

12. Koala

ID: 1735591

13. Red Eyed Tree Frog

ID: 1735610

14. River Otter

ID: 1735616

15. Fennec Fox

ID: 1735632

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