10 Reasons To Read THE RATHBONES

A literary adventure set in New England, Janice Clark’s gothic debut chronicles one hundred years of a once prosperous seafaring dynasty. Find out what makes The Rathbones such a great book.

1. There’s this book trailer…

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2. And the author…

The author, Janice Clark, is awesome and has a stunning website: http://janiceclarkauthor.com/

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3. And there’s THE RATHBONES chart for all of your character questions…

The author, Janice Clark, drew this handy family chart to follow along.

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4. The Millions said this…

“The Rathbones is the most sui generis debut you’re likely to encounter this year. Think Moby-Dick directed by David Lynch from a screenplay by Gabriel Garcia Marquez…with Charles Addams doing the set design and The Decembrists supplying the chanteys. Clark writes a beautiful prose line, and the story, like the ocean, gets deeper, richer, and stranger the farther out you go.”
The Millions; Featured in “Most Anticipated: The Great Second Half for 2013”

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5. Erin Morgenstern, author of THE NIGHT CIRCUS, said this…

“Part odyssey, part ancestral mystery and part sea shanty, all brilliantly entwined and soaked in Greek myth. Mercy’s journey over sea and shore and through extraordinary family history is a remarkable tale, both epic and intimate. The Rathbones itself feels as though it was loom-woven or carved in whalebone. Beautifully crafted and elegantly told. A siren song of a story.”
—Erin Morgenstern, bestselling author of The Night Circus

She also plugged the book on her blog

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6. Oprah told us to add it to our beach bag…

And you don’t mess with Oprah.

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7. Seriously, these quotes…

ID: 1480847

8. And these chapter headers…

You can see all of the interior design here.

ID: 1480722

9. Did we mention that the author DREW THESE HERSELF…

ID: 1481117

10. But really, it’s just a great story!

Learn more about The Rathbones here

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