The 7 Best Things To Buy From The Worst Shop Ever

Sometimes you just need to send someone a bag of dicks.

*Bonus: It comes equipped with a crystal.


“This hat is to PROTECT you from the ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES that the GOVERNMENT is pumping into the air with TECHNOLOGY like cell phone towers and wireless internet. DON’T let them CONTROL your MIND! WAKE UP SHEEPLE! The New World Order is coming and the REPTILOIDS will be your overlords if you do not wake up and RESIST! Comes with an adjustable inner Velcro band.”

2. A Bag of Dicks by KitCameo: $17.00


3. Mommie Dearest Pinback Buttons by Razberries: $6.00

4. Goatzee Pinback Button by Razberries: $2.00

5. Sack of Shit, Magnets of Happiness by KitCameo: $15.00

6. Jesus Christ on a Cracker Pinback Button by Elaine of BlueFeatherArtworks: $2.00

7. Tiny Penis Bottle Pendant by KitCameo: $18.00


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