Many Were Shocked That The New Actress Playing Annie Is Black

Initial opinions regarding the casting were mixed.

1. The official trailer for the remake of Annie was released March 5.

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2. Upon finding that Oscar nominee Quvenzhané Wallis had been cast as Annie, some were seemingly appalled.

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Naw, you guys are right, they should have at least warned us by changing the name to Blannie. #Annie

— Jeremy T (@turnerjer)
ID: 2585252 Yo they're coming out with a new #Annie Movie!!! oh this is bringing me back.. Only problem is Annie wasn't black!!

— The Gangster Of Love (@Les_is_Mohr)
ID: 2585248

So this #Annie movie is all wrong. I wanna live in a colorless world but I will not stand for a black Annie. #EnoughSaid

— Pink Power Ranger (@TeamRDiva)
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9. Wallis’ skin color apparently was not the only point of contention.

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RT @JAErickson: Why Couldn't Jay-Z and Will Smith remake #Annie and still keep her a lil' white redhead? This looks horrendous. < :/

— Kwabena (@KwabzGhUk)
ID: 2585478

Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan I don't have a problem with #Annie being black, I have a problem with Annie not being ginger with freckles

— chocolat☺♪ (@QueenLaTeesh)
ID: 2585443

They've remade #Annie??? This is truly a sad day for the #ginger population...

— Paul Richardson (@PaulGRichardson)
ID: 2585687

"@ENews: trailer for #Annie is here!" This is so offensive! Her hair isn't nearly red enough! #scandal

— Bob Strue (@thebobstrue)
ID: 2585254

14. Many responded in the movie’s defense.

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Hey people pissed off about #Annie remake we'll give you back that role when you give us back Cleopatra, Alexandre Dumas and Jesus...lmbo

— Nicole S (@FatimatheOasis)
ID: 2585796

if you're mad because the remake of #annie has an actress who isn't white, freckled, red haired.. please drown yourself in the nearest pool.

— DJ Steppo (@steppo)
ID: 2585821

so what if the new Annie is black? I love this musical I am super excited they've made a movie! oh yay #anniemovie

— eloise balazs (@eloisebalazs)
ID: 2585372

White racists can enjoy to old #Annie. Black racist can enjoy the new one. And the rest of us can enjoy both. #Solution

— Erik (@AlwaysErked)
ID: 2585413

No amount of backlash can trump a young girl seeing a black #Annie and feeling, briefly, at home in her skin. #Representation is everything.

— Vondell Swain (@vondellswain)
ID: 2585833

20. The new version of Annie will hit theaters this Christmas.

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