14 Reasons Why Living In "Skyrim" Is Better Than Real Life

One day we will all just be able to plug ourselves into the fantasy worlds of our own choosing. Until then, we have Skyrim.

1. Unemployment? What Does That Even Mean?

2. Jewelry Is More than Just Swag

Hmm… Tingly…

3. You Don’t Have to Finish a Book To Gain The Benefits From It

4. Since You Never Have to Worry About Insurance…

“I’m sorry, Mr. Dovahkiin, but your policy only covers arrow to the knee damage.”

5. You’ll End Up With More Money Than You Know What to Do With

6. And Your Star Sign Is Actually Worth Something Real

7. No Matter What, There’s Never A Shortage Of Things To Do In Your Free Time

8. And, Despite Your Adventuring, You Never Have to Worry About Food Going Bad

9. Pollution Just Doesn’t Exist

“All this fresh air and yelling at dragons is great for my asthma.”

10. And No One Cares Who You Watch a Sunset With

11. Gravity Need Not Apply

12. And Although Ignoring Physics May Get Tiring, Sleep Is For the Weak

13. But When You Do Sleep, You Know You Earned It

14. And, If Life Gets Boring, You Can Always Change It

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