Why Four Day Weekends Are Secretly Awful

Much less two in a row! Happy 2013! Welcome back to the grind.

1. When you realize you have to go back to work today.

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2. When you finish getting ready and are still not awake.

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3. When you’re trying to commute to the office.

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4. When you have to wait in line for the elevator.

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5. When you see your co-workers for the first time in two weeks because they all went on vacation.

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6. When you sit down at your desk.

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7. When your desk is full of work you said you’d finish “after the holidays”.

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8. When your perky co-worker talks about how happy they are to be back in the office.

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9. When your co-worker talks non-stop about their ten day Caribbean holiday vacation.

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10. When you tell yourself you’re going to be productive this week.

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11. When you give up on productivity because it’s a three day week.

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12. When you realize Memorial Day weekend is five months away.

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