Turns Out A Scrunchie Tutu Makes Any Action Figure Into A Fashion Icon

Finally a use for all those hair ties leftover from your ’90s nostalgia binge buy! The folks over at Kotaku stumbled upon this fantastic Japanese trend.

1. The Alien Queen is ready for a royal ball!

2. Oh snap! The Predators are totally stealing the Alien Queen’s look. Those bitches.

3. Cute but not quite Princess Batman cute.

4. Some men just want to watch the world twirl. So graceful!

5. Seriously, this looks like it could be a Limited Edition Deleted Scene Edward Scissorhands.

6. Ballerina Deadpool is official but fans still have to make their own action figure.


— bhe_bbo (@̇cへ)

7. Be honest, if you didn’t know that was a scrunchie you’d just think it came like that.


— ori_0110 (@̄äa)

8. Evangelion is ready for mech prom!


— sail_k (@Sail.K)

9. And here’s her date. They’re so cute together!

0d50a30ae0e50a2̆b0b70e50b70e5ってこういうe8b? 0d00cbちゃん̆b̆f大̄dす̄eてde9̄bっ̅f。

— K_MUSI (@0de0ad0ca)

Do you have a scrunchie and an action figure? Create fashion magic and leave it in the comments!

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