11 Times Umbrellas Were The Hardest Workers In Hollywood

Is there anything more delightful than an anachronistic prop? No, no there isn’t.

1. That time when Dwarves were fashion conscious.

ID: 1765848

2. That time Harry Potter knew his place around Professor McGonagall.

ID: 1766257

3. That time Ser Jorah was a proper Victorian lady.

ID: 1766375

4. That time when Ring Wraiths were worried about their hair.

ID: 1766026

5. That time Jango Fett channeled Gene Kelly.

ID: 1766233

6. That time umbrellas were goofing around with Idris Elba.

ID: 1765814

7. That time we blew it all up — damn us — except for the umbrellas.

ID: 1767078

8. That time Iron Man wouldn’t share the spotlight with his umbrella.

ID: 1767284

9. That time Dean tried to keep the fangirl tears off of him.

ID: 1767187

10. That time the Doctor was sad his umbrella wasn’t as awesome as that little girl’s.

Neil P. Mockford / FilmMagic
ID: 1767331

11. And of course, that time Gandalf quietly contemplated his life choices.

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