10 Things About "Star Wars" Fans Love To Hate

Just in the movies or we’ll be here all night! This is by no means a comprehensive list. You can only truly hate something you once loved.

10. Anyone That Thinks Boba Fett Died In The Sarlacc Pit

ID: 274583

9. Han Solo Stepping On Jabba’s Tail

ID: 274588

8. Anakin And Padme’s Awkward, Stilted Romance

ID: 274584

7. Darth Vader Being A Pasty Old White Guy

ID: 274590

6. CGI Yoda

ID: 274591

5. Ewoks

ID: 274587

4. Midichlorians. Full Stop.

ID: 274585

3. Star Wars In 3D. Stop It, Lucas.

ID: 274589

2. Greedo Shooting First

ID: 274582

1. Jar. Jar. Binks.

ID: 274586

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